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Pangu Tools

Pangu Tools
Focus on the production and R & D of drill series
Hotline :+86-511-86326978
Production and development of a series of drill bit for many years
The company is one of the
domestic professional
production series
of drill manu
facturers, for
many years
focused on the
quality of drill
products to improve and research and development.
Factory direct, no middle price difference,
give you the absolute preferential!
Factory direct sales, eliminating the
intermediate links, more cost-effective
Independent research and development,
from the source to save, save money for you:
Product 80% export, guaranteed quality
Technical support, quality assurance
Advanced production equipment, modern management and comprehensive and strict control system has won the praise of the majority of customers.
International quality, trustworthy
Strict production line, the products are
passed three testing qualified to the
factory, won the ISO9001, 3A and
other national patents, adhere to
independent development, so that
enterprises continue to develop,
For business take off to lay a solid
Complete variety,
sales guarantee
Producing all kinds
of hard alloy elec-
tric hammer drill
series, electric
hammer drill suit
series, packing series,
chisel series of series of
integrated construction drill,
meet your needs
Modern production operation
Strong supply capacity
Independent production, the annual output
of more than 50 million, to meet the supply
of large quantities of orders

Perfect customer service service system allows you to worry about:
Pre sale: service hotline has professional staff to provide you with product guidance and advice
Sale: real-time order follow up, the first time to contact you in time
After sales: customer service to give you a regular return visit, to provide intimate after-sales service

Celebrate Danyang Pangu Tools Co. Ltd. official trial operation

Celebrate Danyang Pangu Tools Co. Ltd. official trial operation.Danyang Pangu Tools Co. Ltd.Is located in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, industrial zone. North near the Yangtze River Golden Port International Chittagong port, South pillow Huning railway ...

Hardware accessories need to constantly enhance ...

With the improvement of living standards, consumer awareness is gradually changing. The development and introduction of new hardware accessories, in the function, style, quality of the update and improve, but also to the furniture style and features ...

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Pangu tools - fine, fine and professional

Danyang Pangu Tools Co. Ltd. is located in the alley Industrial District of Danyang city in Jiangsu province --. The north of Yangtze River Golden Port Dagang international port, Shanghai Nanjing Railway South pillow. The Shanghai Nanjing Expressway from Danyang north, passing through. According to Changzhou airport only 20 kilometers...

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